Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tag It Good! And Other Random Things.

I felt like starting some tag: list 6 things I like/6 things about myself

1. I've never had a job before.

2. I have a weakness for cupcakes.

3. I have a boyband fetish, i.e.:BSB, NSYNC, Jonas Brothers.....etc, etc, etc....

4. I like the shape of my legs.

5. I'm not really a cat person, but I do like white cats. Only.

6. I find snakes to be cute.....

The person that I will be tagging will be...... the sweet and lovely Cindiddy

I should be working on this essay thing that's due Tuesday, but I'm too lazy, I'll wind up doing it later on tonight. I just know I will.

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  1. I've never had a job before either ;] though I am aching for one. But I know I would just blow all the money on clothes rather than saving up... yeahh, no self-restraint on my part.

    Good luck on your essay!

  2. yay my first tag! i will def do it!=> thanks for the tag=>

  3. thank you sweetie! i had a great week, hope you did too! LOVE the first picture and oh, me too, i have a weakness for cupcakes :)

  4. Cupcakes. Oh, so damn good. It's like eating heaven in a paper liner.

  5. Gosh I want a cupcake right now.


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