Saturday, December 6, 2008

Its All Me Baby.....

Skinny Jeans: Forever21~19.80, vest: Forever21, Boots: Payless~10.00, tank top: Store called: 597.

I almost forgot about my jacket, I've had this jacket since high school. I wear it every spring just because I know it well never go out of style. I got this at a store called The Warehouse. And it still fix!

Well, here's what I'm wearing today. This really isn't all that interesting, since I haven't had the time to go out and shop like I want too. I hate not having money ;_; I was very nervous about posting a outfit, because I didn't really think any of my clothes were actually worthy of being looked at since most of them are really kind of boring.... The boots I got a really good deal on because they were orignally 15 dollars, but they were on sale for 10. I was lucky that day.


  1. I LOVE those boots, this winter I'm gagging for a pair of thick, chunky boots like the one's you're rocking only with no heels, and huge soles. Vintage DM's maybe?


  2. Love those boots!

  3. pretty boots, so edwardian/victorian era! your jacket as well :D

  4. Great jacket, miliary is making its way back!


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