Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rain Rain Rain Go Away!!!

To think, when I was a child, I use to love these days. Not really sure why. But I can stand them.
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  1. That last bit that you wrote really spoke to me. You really are a beautiful person. I feel as if you were my best friend now haha, but I guess that makes me a little off. Thank you in the sincerest way possible for this lovely post. <3

    ♥, China Le

  2. i love this picture! :)
    and i know how you feel. i used to the love the rain but now it just annoys me haha

  3. wow this picture really speaks to how you feel about the rain. Good Job Champagne.

  4. for me, its the total opposite. when i was a child i hated rainy days just cus i was worried that ppl would get into car accidents.
    now, i don't give a crap. haha just kidding. i still hate rainy days.

  5. I love the rain! It's a beautiful image!

  6. i kind of understand what you mean the rain does ruin some good days but sometime its nice to just watch it fall


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