Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Designer Love: Jenny Yuen

I was checking out Camile at ChildhoodFlames, today, and she had a fabulous bag that she had gotten from designer Jenny Yuen. Now I haven't heard of her, so I'm kind of out of the loop.

Her bags are to die for. I checked out her and wanted them all from her spring and fall collections. Here are six top favorites from spring and fall.

Fall 2008:

Spring 2008:

Post Credit: Jenny Yuen & Camile at ChildhoodFlames.


  1. Nice post! I love those, I'm an avid reader of Childhood Flames :)

    xo, mav

  2. girllll nooooooo I wasn't yet convinced when I saw the bag on camille's blog but now I'm sold... baby my wallet is dead T.T you know I still love you haha.

    with ♥, ///China L.

  3. they are awesome!!!



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