Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Spring Wish List!(Too soon? I Think Not)

I know I know, its the dead middle of winter and spring is but a couple months away, but its never to early to start on some Spring Wish List ideas. I know I'm not the only gal (or guy) out there that can't wait to feel the warm breeze of spring/summer touch lightly across your face. To be able to shade away the heavy bulky coats (no matter how cute they may be). And replace them with much more lighter jackets/blazers. Wearing a dress/skirt without worrying about freezing your ass or legs off. Actually putting on a pair of shorts, which I haven't worn in about fifteen years or so in public.

So enough of the chatter, here is my list! Enjoy:

Cotton SpandexTwo-Tone Fitted Mini Dress

Violet Leopard Chiffon Dress

Ci Ci Colour Block Dress

Tie Neck Smock Dress


Frye Dara T-Strap Heel

Jeffrey Campbell Multibuckle Boot

This is it for now. I'll continue with the rest tomorrow. Its getting pretty late. Night ya'll.

P.S. Went to the doctor, I had to get four shots because they were having problems getting enough blood from me. I need to drank more water.

Post Credit: Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, American Appearal and Topshop.

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