Friday, February 13, 2009

Get Ready To Jump, Now Baby.

Lais & Awuoi
Dazed & Confused November 2007
Photographed by Josh Ollins
Models Lais Navarro and Awuoi Mac Bullen

Styling by Joanna Sclenzka

Post Credit: Fashion Spot.


  1. Champagne...I cant see again!!!

  2. love these, especially the mesh body suit, so hott!

  3. wow those pictures are cool and a little scary

  4. wow cool photos! i like i like! very grunge!

    thanks for your sweet comment! too kind you are (blushing here) ha aw.

    AND so did the boy you met online end up going? eek blind date.haven't done one myself..and YES good girl for insisting double date with a couple you never know who is out there! i hope you had a great night either way honey!

    happy valentines!!!

    love LM


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