Thursday, February 12, 2009

Catch Me, Shake Me, Tag Me.

Shirt: From 597; Jeans: Forever21; Boots: Payless.

Describe your personal style. Don't really have one at the moment. Haven't really had the chance to go out and add to my wardore. Right now I would just say unemployeed college student hows that? lol

What are the staples in your wardrobe? Three pair of skinnies jeans, stripe sweather, black boots.

What's your signature look? Skinnie jeans tunked in black boots wearing

What inspires you? Movies, fashion magazine and sometimes even friends.

Who is your fashion muse? Me myself and I. lol. Wow that sounds bad huh?

Favorite purchase of all time. A pair of boots I got from payless for just 10 bucks

Biggest splurge? Dooney and Burke Wallet.

What's your beauty routine? Don't wear make-up.

What jewelry do you never take off? I haven't worn any since junior high school.

What are you wishing for? A JOB!!! So I can buy myself some more pair of jeans and a nice new jacket and a dress for summer along with a nice skirt.

What are your obsessions? Anime, Fashion, Music, Living, and making my friends happy.

Who I will be tagging next is Ursula from Thoughts of An Urban Fab Addict

PS: I may redo that picture because its a little dark....oh well. Not now though, too lazy. Been up since 3 because my ear kept clogging up, making it very hard to hear and that is very freaking annoyning.

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