Saturday, February 7, 2009

Comic Con, Push and Back Aches.

Oh My Goodness, today was a world wind. I did a lot today. Going in the order of which it happen.

First I went to Comic Con and it was fun, I got a lot of dvds, took pictures and I even bump into my old high school math teacher. It was so weird because I didn't know how to address him. I even asked if I should call him by his first or last name. Lucky for me he said first would be good since its been a while since I was his student. I saw some good cosplay and some not so good cosplay. I saw about four different Jokers, the old school Joker from the 90s Batman and the Heath Ledger one. I didn't take a picture of the New Joker, I'm not really sure why, but I did take one of the old school joker. They're was even a nurse Joker. ^_^

Please excuse how I look, I was tired, a little bit out of it and was really dressing for the cold weather. Plus in there it really wasn't all that comfortable when it came to the heat. Next to me is Shinchan, one of Japanese most beloved characters....or mostly known for being a really dirty pre-schooler whose known for his ass dance and for fliting with older women.

Here I took a picture of 3/5 of the Scooby-Doo gang, see from right to left is Shaggy, Daphane and Fred. Its really funny because the guy who was dress like Shaggy sounded just like him. Also I love the fact that Daphane isn't a red head and is instead a blonde.

Some of the Super Mario character. Well, actually the guy in the shorts isn't a Mario character, he just wanted his picture taken with them so he did. I took these while they were in posing mode.

I bumped into these pretty girls while walking around to look for something. I had to stop them and ask for a picture. They just looked so cute. They were selling costumes like that in the Convention, but I didn't know about it until I was leaving.

Classic Joker and the person in the black outfit is cat woman, I was only able to get the Joker. I didn't ask her for a picture. Not really sure why I didn't ask her. She looked really nice. I was seating on the floor, by the way if anyone notice the weird angle of the camera. All the seats were taken, some of the people were seating at the table not even eating anything.

The Green Lantern and some Chick. Not really sure who the girl was suppose to be.

Hulk, it was so crazy beacuse the thing was really big and made noise. Whoever had made was really looking to make themselves the talk of the convention.

When I first saw her, it was on a very long line. I so wanted to take a picture so I was glad that I had found her again and she was sweet enough to take one with me. Though, I'm not really sure what the movie Enchanted had to do with Comics.

Now that's the good stuff, let me get down the negetive side. To many freaking people. There had to be at least over a thousand people there. It was crazy. It was hot and not the good kind where you want the heat, but the stuffy uncomfortable kind where your wearing a coat, and two sweaters thinking that the weather is going to be freezing. I started to get a little bit of a headache, my shoulder was in pain. We had to get one a line that was pretty much a freaking zig zag. We had to go all away around just to go into where the convention was being held. Its hard to explain. Its one of those, you had to been there, moments. Also one of the DVDs I brought had nothing in it. I was so disappointed. Too bad I didn't find this out until I got home.
But other then that. It was a lot of fun. Thought I may just go on Sundays sinces that day is the most calm.

Also after the Convention, we head to the movies and saw Push. Its ok, its not the worst film, but its not that great either. The speical effects were ok and some of the dialogue was ok. Dakoda Fanning was funny too. Though I felt that there were a few plot holes and its a little too long, so the of the footage they could have done with out.

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