Monday, March 2, 2009

The One For Me....But.....

Which one should I choose from?

The Black one? Its a nice color, but its hard to see the detailing.

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Besides....I think the blue was is pretty wicked. And I think getting a color like this would be kind of nice for once, since the coat that I'm wearing now is a brown color. This jacket would be great for spring.

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Silence & Noise Fleece Motor Jacket.

Plus the Jackets are $68.00, that's pretty good if you ask me. I'll be saving up to hopefully get my hands on it.

Its been snowing since yesterday and I hate it. Lucky for the kiddies though since all public schools were close today and since I only have classes Tuesday through Friday I kind of lucked out. But I did have to go out today, only to find out that the place I needed to go to was closed.

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  1. I think I like the blue one better. The black one looks kind of....blahhhh. Like it needs a goos steam and press or something. The blue one looks better and the detail IS pretty wicked.

  2. whoaaaaaa love it.
    i like the black but it looks like a normal blazer, id definitely go for the blue!

  3. i say true blue!!! :) yaya for purchases! i hope the snow takes a hike for you xxx love LM

  4. BLUE.

    Though I tend to float towards teh first outfit myself... nude high-waisted skirts?! YES PLEASE.


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