Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Where Have You Been All My Life?

Sophie Hulme
Dress as seen in Pixie Market. This online store is becoming a fast favorite of mine.

Post Credit: Pixie


  1. Sheeeiiiittt! You tagged me, a while ago, I totally forgot! I swear it completely slipped my mind! I shall fulfill, soon soon my love.

    Sophie Hulme rules. I love her coats and charms. Selfridges stocked her a/w collection and it sold out. When I asked if they'd be bringing in the s/s they weren't sure. I really do hope to find it though, I ='m in love with the bow blue coat and the dress you've shown. I've had those in mind for a while. Their possibilities are endless.

  2. love those colors together, and pixie market is definitely a fav of mine too! such original stuff i just cannot get enough!


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