Sunday, April 12, 2009

What's Your Posion?

Alice Dellal

Pixie Geldof
Post Credit: Fashion Spot


  1. love them bothhhhhh
    great style and attitude :)

  2. Oh :*( But atleast you had a relaxing Easter no?

    Adore them both. Neither of them are boring to look at and they're always doing or saying some pretty strange but interesting things.

    If only Pixies outfit were considered acceptable attire lol. I'd be on that in a heart beat haha

    Have a pretty pretty tue doll :)

    Eeli xx

  3. alice is amazing. im not a big fan of pixie but her clothes are amazinggg

  4. WOW i love love pixie! so good! hope you had a great easter too! :)

    love bel xxxx


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