Thursday, May 7, 2009

MET Gala, lovely's

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I love Ashley. I love that she wears her own designs. There is something to be said when a designer wears something that they made. She looked great. Her make-up was great, her hair was great and her boy toy was fantastic.

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Some people probably didn't really get MK's look, but damnit she looks good to me. This is her style, her look, her thing. She dresses this not because its in, but because its what she wants to wear, not because some fashion Guru said she should wear this or that.

P.S. I'm also thinking about doing a post to the Met Gala, who look great and who, well, didn't.

Post Credit: All credit for the wonderful pictures goes to Olsens Anonymous.


  1. i love tem both so much! i feel like i relate to MK the most because we both have that bohemian free sprit thing down pat! lol i love both designs and to me they can never really go wrong ya know? great post!

  2. I love the White gown :D its gr8 for her.


  3. Ashley looks perfect in that dress!! the amazing back detail plus her simple makeup!! love her to death.. and MK too!!



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