Monday, June 8, 2009

A Vest Kind Of Life

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I've seen these vest around a lot and have always secretly love them from a far. The vest pictured above is lovely, but the color is a little to loud for my liking. Which is why I was very happy to learn that Topshop had its own vision of the furry vest.

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Am I the only one that pictures wearing a fur vest with a maxi dress with a crap load of bracelets and rings. Which a huge bag? Because that is a dream outfit of mine.

Post credit: Jak and Jill & Topshop


  1. its a tough thing to pull off but i love fashion risks

  2. I would love to wear that outfit too! I don't even mind the light pink color.

  3. The outfit does sound pretty hot, but I never see myself pulling it off. I guess you gotta have a certain look & build to pull this kind of thing off well. I personally prefer the light pink ;P

  4. Awww that looks like such a cozy vest! I love the pink one =) It works for her & her red lips!


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