Thursday, July 2, 2009

Welcome To The Jungle

Remember last month when I did a post about Christoper Kane's Gorilla T-shirts? They pretty much were a big deal, still hard actually. I'm pretty sure there are some people that are a little stand offish about the whole Gorilla trend, thinking its a little ridiculous and not really worth it in the long. And I'm pretty sure that some don't have a clue how to wear it out and about.

Well, I have some explains that might make you think twice about this trend:

My goodness, who know that a picture of a screaming Monkey on a shirt would be so stylish?

Post Credit: Jak and Jil


  1. they arent ridiculous imean animal face shirts have beenbig for awhile this is just super drama shirt
    ilove it .
    everyone willstare if you wear it . i like it


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