Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Time For Nothing.

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Today is a slow day.

Post Credit: ecstasy-lover


  1. Omayhra is fab all the time! :D

  2. hahaha anyonce life would be laid back if they had that body all that money and an arctic monkey for a boyfriend. vintage lace is the only type of lace that come across as ichy in my opinion, since there worn out and have lost that matt feeling, the only time i find mine uncomfortable is when i get hot from being out all night and getting that feeling that its rubbing up against you. You should soo get that dress though from Topshop very cute, very nice move by the directors for getting rid of that main statemnt area thats the new trend this season with no shoulders.
    oh and which colour would you advice getting

  3. i'm feeling very sick today but this post made me feel better. thanks C


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