Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Big 21 and other blabbles.

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Dress turned shirt- Unnecessary Clothing; Disco Pants- American Apparel; Boots(can't really see them)- Payless.

I didn't think it was going to happen, but I actually made it another year. I made it to the big two one. I should be exstatic, I should be doing backflips, and kissing babies. But I'm not, why you ask? Well, for me nothing has actually change. The only thing different now is that I can go to a bar, and by a drink. Mind you I will be carded since I don't actually look my age. And I can get a drivers license without the whole having to drive with someone over the age of 21 in the seat next to me, since I'm already the age of 21.

Maybe what I need to do is, just try to think outside the box. I want to make changes with my life. Like get a job, clean my room, travel. Do something that isn't what I'm doing now. And then maybe, the excitement that I'm suppose to be feeling now that I'm 21 will actually so its little head at me.

Also, I need to get a better camera. The picture of me is kind of blurry.

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