Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Want It....#3

Camilla and Marc - Electric Boogaloo skinny jeans

Sass & Bide - Love Comes First tank dress

Markus Lupfer - Roisin star jacket

So, I watched Rachel Zoe last night, Looks like Taylor is close to leaving. I can not get enough of that show. So good.

EDIT: I just now realized that today was September 1, just three more weeks until I hit the big 21.

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  1. I've just got into the Rachel Zoe Project...not really feeling Taylor though-she seems like an uptight you know what!
    Love the jeans in the first picture they're so cool!

  2. It's the only show I'm watching right now regularly. That blazer is really cute!

  3. Wow, the skinny jeans in the first pics, love it! New DIY maybe... We will see.

    Peace and love!


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