Friday, November 27, 2009

LDB Moment: T for Alexander Wang Stetch Dress

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I look through my wardore and saw that I had not one single black dress that a simple black dress. I have one, but it really isn't something I would think to wear all year round. Good for fall and winter only.

So I did some looking around and saw this lovely number on la garconne. Its perfect for all year round. Its something I can dress up or down with.

And the back is killer.

Post Credit: La Garconne


  1. the back is sexy but i feel like the oddly cut sleeves would make my shoulders look huge.

  2. please post pictures of you in the dress! would love to see how it fits

  3. I love the back but the seams aren't my favorite. They don't make it very forgiving. I'm sure you've got the body for it though.


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