Monday, November 23, 2009

R.I.P : Daul Kim

May 31 1989 - November 19 2009

The fact that she was only a year younger then me makes it even more sadder. My thoughts go out to her family, her friends and the people she touch of the course of her career and those she's met along the way. Its funny, you always think that your life isn't all the spectacular until something else happens to another and then you think your life isn't half as bad as you let on.

Post Credit: The Fashion Spot


  1. Sad i read about that-she was so young...I cant believe this would happen to someone who had so much to show creatively-i wonder what triggered her to do it...such a beautiful person may she rest in peace...prayers to her friends and family xoxo

  2. Oh I love these images ....gorgeous. I am following.

  3. love the last image x


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