Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Shoes....They Make The World Go Round.

BALENCIAGA: Lovely aren't they?
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  1. I saw this in jakandjill and immediately fell in love!

  2. are they ever not perfect! one of my fav brand

  3. they're so hot but my feet would die haha

  4. Very! I think I would kill myself with such thin heels though lol

  5. Lovely!
    the heels are soooo high and thin it seems very uncomfortable (esp in SF since i have to walk everywhere)
    if i was rich and always riding cabs, i'd def. buy one . haha

  6. If looks could kill, baby your blog is getting better and better <3 I love the concept but they look horrid to walk in haha

    &hearts, withasianstereotypes

  7. oh my...those balenciagas are to die for. you can kill someone with those hills..they are sooo dangerous.

    i love ur blog and glad i found it! i'll be following u!


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