Thursday, December 4, 2008

Blazin' a Blazer of Glory.....and other babble....

1. Marc Jacob
2. Rag & Bone
3. Dries Van Noten

Yesterday I went over to a friends house to watch the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. It was breath taking, outfit after outfit was beautiful. Adriana Limalook lovely as always. I love her. Heidi Klum look great also. Actually they all look awesome that night.

Usher had performed and you know what, I can't really say I remember much of what he did, exected 'Yeah'. My friend sister kept saying that he was out of shape and something was off about him. I told him, he lost his wow factor after he got married. Just wasn't really the same Usher.

Oh well. Its sad because they had someone else performing, can't really remember his name, but he was really good. He sung a song that was done on I Love Lucy, that Ricky Ricardo did. I can't remember his real name. Which is so bad of me, since I use to watch it when I was younger.

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