Friday, February 20, 2009

Jump For Your Life.

Remember a while back I did a post about a jumpsuit. This right here only fuels my fire. It not only looks ridiculously chic, but it looks comfortable as well. And pairing it with open toed boots just adds a whole other meaning to his effortlessly chic outfit.

Man, Models get all the goods don't they?

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  1. Ooh that jumpsuit looks so comfortable! Sadly i am so squat that jumpsuits for lack of a better word looks positively HENOUS on me haha but these do look rather amazing on this model lol.

    Hope you've been well dear.

    Eeli xx

  2. this outfit is so so good! i want that jumpsuit! xx LM

  3. The Jumper is casual..She made it look like there not PJ's...that's a plus :)

    Always L4L


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