Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Already?!?

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Cropped hoodie-???; Dress-Forever21(It use to come up to my knees, but it shrunk in the wash XP); Pants-American Apparel Disco Pants; Shoes-Payless

I actually took this picture on Saturday, but didn't upload it til now because I was too lazy to do it. This is what I wore when I went to the movies with some friends to see Monster vs. Aliens. You know, I'll be truthful, it wasn't terrible, but I wasn't all that impressed by it. I mean its a good movie to watch with your siblings and maybe friends. There were parts that did have me rolling, though. I think it would have been better if we actually got a chance to watch it in 3-D.

The place that we went to wasn't showing it in 3-D, which was kind lame.

Also I had the best chicken and brocoili(spell check anyone?) with white rice. So good that I actually ate the whole thing. Which is weird for me since I usually don't.

Well, Three more days until Topshop opens. I'm waiting with baited breath.


  1. lmao don't you mean "3-d?" lmao lmao yeah that part where the president typed in that 1980's B Boy keyboard beat had my fucking rolling yo! and Ginormica's space suit was super cool too! Yeah man i wish that place delivered food to us because i know we would live in that store!! lmao that general tso's chicken i had was soooo good man! we MUST go there again! I'M SO EXCITED FOR TOPSHOP!!!!


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