Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Afternoons.

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I hope you all are enjoying your saturday. My is going to great even better. A group of my friends are going to the mall to see Alien vs. Monster. I hope we get to see the movie in DVD since I know some theaters don't always offer that. It starts at 6, but I'm hoping we leave a little bit early so we could walk around and look in some stores.

I also took pictures of what I wore and I'll put them up later on before I have to go.

Also I believe it was two post ago when I had meant that I brought a circle scarf. Well here's what I did with it:

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Made myself Harem pants out of them, thanks to the step by step of Connie from Chictopia.

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  1. you know once i got over the infamous "S" alien in the movie I felt better and i thought the movie was very cute! I'm glad I could help you with the pics and that little accent that made those cirle jeanie-like pants very funky indeed..lmao *sees champagne pulling down her glasses and giving me "that look" lmao*..wait..didn't you mean "3-D?" lmao

  2. Those pants are a super cool DIY. And MK is my hero :]]

  3. this is hella looks great n u rock it well!


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