Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hello, April 1.

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Nothing really interesting to say...Happy April.

Post Credit: Ecstasy_lover


  1. she looks like evil minnie mouse. i love it.

  2. happy april fools... this would be a sweet halloween costume no?

    as for ur last post I TOTALLY see balmain that's probably why we both like it huh? haha

    hopefully we wont have to fight for it, perhaps we can rock the twin look ;) <3 hope you're having a fantastic evening love!

  3. happpy april! it actually took me a couple hours for like 3 days for me to finish it... hahaah!

  4. Ooh, I don't know why but I like this photograph. Very cheeky.

  5. And a HAPPY APRIL to you too! STAY away from twittering! lol At this point i am not impressed with the whole concept :(


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