Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Winter Essentials: Coats

Winter Essential #1: Coats

Winter Essential #1: Coats by Kawaiisweetgirl featuring wrap coat

As we all know, fall is coming and that means new jackets to add to our closet. I want to break my habit of hanging onto the same jacket and move on.(mostly because the jacket that I have had since junior high zipper is flaking on me and the jacket I brought to replace it is not going to cut it for New York fall to winter weather.) So since I have a job(for now, until I find one that doesn't involve me dealing with dirt) I can save up to get myself something nice. Of course as you can see some of these coats(The ones from Net-a-porter) are dream items and unless I plan to rob a bank I won't see in my closet anytime soon. So topshop will have to do, not that I'm complaining.

Stay tune, because this is only the first installment that I have for my winter essentials list, I maybe doing three more soon.

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  1. love the marni jacket!

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